Insurance for old / elderly cats

Cat insurance for old cats - even without age limit with doc4pets insurance powered by Smart Paws

Your pet has already lived a few years and experienced a lot. But you want your cat to still have health insurance cover, even if it is a bit older.

  • Is there still cat insurance for older cats?
  • Do pre-existing conditions play a role in the acceptance of the application for an old cat?

As is the case with us humans, it is often the old cats that have to struggle increasingly with diseases. In cats, some particularly acute diseases stand out, which occur more frequently with increasing age. The costs at the vet can add up considerably. The older the cat, the longer and more expensive the treatments. While a young cat can quickly get over a fracture after an accident, a 14-year-old male cat can require weeks of follow-up treatment. After all, a 14-year-old male cat would correspond to a human age of 72 years.

Diseases in older cats are often underestimated!

As with humans, it is often old cats that have to struggle increasingly with diseases. For cats over 8 years of age, the risk of diabetes or chronic renal insufficiency (a secondary disease is high blood pressure) increases significantly. The cost of teeth extraction or recurring gum infections should also not be underestimated with increasing age. Other common age-related diseases in both indoor and outdoor cats are hyperthyroidism or hepatitis (liver inflammation).

Depending on the preliminary examinations, type of treatment, permanent medication and recurring check-ups, the ongoing veterinary costs can run into the thousands (for cats, a life expectancy of 18 years is not uncommon). The possibilities of taking out cat health insurance, which limits the financial risk, are often very limited at this time, not only because of the age, but also because of the previous health burden with many pet insurance companies. Not so with us!

Problems with taking out health insurance for older cats

Especially for cat owners, the topic of animal health insurance is not easy. Only a few insurers offer such policies at all, and even fewer offer cat health insurance for old cats, where pre-existing conditions and advanced age also increase the risk for the insurer. If at all, insurance companies often only offer cat health insurance for older cats with high deductibles or exclusions of benefits in the areas of pre-existing conditions.

The premiums for cat health insurance for older cats also typically increase with age. It is therefore best to take out health insurance for your four-legged friend as early as possible and not wait until you are in need of special cat health insurance offers for older cats.

But of course this advice does not help if it is already too late for that. Here is the good news - doc4pets insurance powered by Smart Paws also insures old cats beyond the 8 year limit and also with pre-existing conditions.

What are you risking without health insurance?

The biggest problem is when your pet's life can only be saved by surgery. Compared to the average medical treatment, an operation is a costly undertaking. Therefore, in such a case, you are often faced with the decision of either paying the veterinary bill, or at least an advance payment, in advance or having your pet euthanised. The cat health insurance for older cats frees you from this dilemma, because the insurance policy already secures the payment of the veterinary bill in advance.

Overview of tariffs Cat health insurance for cats older than 8 years

Of course, with doc4pets powered by Smartpaws insurance, you can also have your pet treated by any other vet and are not tied to our practices!

As you can see below, with our partner Smartpaws you have the choice between Three tariff classes (Optimal, Classic and Basic). It is understandable that you want the best possible care for your cat. However, this does not necessarily mean that you should always choose the most expensive tariff. Why?

  • On the one hand, young cats usually do not need as much veterinary care as older cats (e.g. pancreatitis).
  • partly this is also a question of the attitude - free-rangers come certainly more often into the embarrassment of scuffles, foreign bodies or car accidents, than pure house cats.
Therefore our tip - if you are unsure whether you need a cat health insurance at all, then rather choose a lower tariff - you can upgrade with us at any time!

To give you a better idea of the average treatment costs you might have to pay, we have listed some examples here:

Average costs for veterinary treatments for the cat

  • General examination approx. 45 EUR
  • Amputation of the sphincter approx. 650 EUR
  • CT teeth cat (Stw. FORL) approx. 340 EUR
  • Remove foreign body from nose / throat (granules etc.) approx. 230 EUR
  • Blood count approx. 120 EUR
We offer your pet lifelong insurance cover.   
TariffOptimal Care Classic Care  
Annual aggregate limit to cover the following5.000 € 2.500 €  
Veterinary consultation and physical examination, diagnosis, treatment including costs of surgery, care and medication for any illness, disease or injury.   
Complementary therapies recommended by your vet, including physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, acupuncture and chiropractic.   
Emergency dental treatment due to accidental injury or as a side effect of serious illness or injury.     
Your insurance cover also takes effect for important emergency treatment while travelling abroad.     
Prescription feed40% up to € 200 p.a. 20% up to € 150 p.a.  
Costs of prescription medicines for chronic diseases50% up to € 750 p.a.40% up to € 500 p.a.
★ Reimbursement according to the veterinary fee schedule - 3-fold GOT rate (4-fold GOT rate for emergencies)  
EXCLUSIVE: In each insurance year in which you do not submit an invoice, you will receive a 15% discount on the premium for the following year.  
For each new diagnosis in an insurance year, you only pay the deductible of € 100 and a co-payment of 20% on each submitted invoice. The deductible and the co-payment have to be paid anew in each insurance year.  
What is not insured?     
Pre-existing conditions: We will not pay for any costs associated with the diagnosis or treatment of any illness or injury which occurred or showed symptoms prior to the commencement of cover.  
Pregnancy or infertility: Costs related to pregnancy, preeclampsia or infertility are excluded.  
Routine or preventive treatments such as vaccinations, flea, tick or worm treatments, grooming, preventive dental treatments or weight control treatments.  
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